The Fappening

An event to be remembered!

On August 31, 2014, 16 high profile celebrities had their private photos posted publicly on websites like 4chan and reddit, an event now known as the fappening. These photos were obtained by several different hackers through targeted attacks on Apple's iCloud servers which permitted the attacker to continually try different passwords without being restricted(brute-force attack). These photos were then traded on the deep web among hackers and eventually leading to several albums being leaked to the public. Out of the 100 celebrities allegedly hacked, 16 have been publicly posted and spread across the web. Shortly after the leaking several other members of the deep web community began leaking their private collections of celebrity photos thus resulting in an over two week event of celebrity photo leaks. All the leaked photos have been collected and posted on this website. See the wikipedia page of the event for more details.

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